Happy birthday website!

Have you ever had something burning under your fingernails for ten years?  Something that bothered you, bugged you – and something you couldn’t stop thinking about?

The trauma of romantic heartbreak has been real enough that I haven’t been able to simply ‘walk away.’  How do you simply move forward after seeing people you care about deeply hurt – and beautiful possibilities between people swept away?

I can’t.  And so I did something instead – I tried to face it and figure out what the heck was happening (and had happened).

This book, essay, this blog, this video – is the result.  I’m more than elated to finally launch this thing…TODAY.  And hugely interested to see what YOU think – whoever happens to encounter this website in the vast, numberless concourses of cyperspace.

If you find me here – I would love to know something about you:  What have your experiences with romantic love been?  Have you (or a partner) ever experienced a sudden shift in romantic feeling – like I’m exploring on this blog?  If so, how did you navigate it?  And what did it mean for your relationship?  I would love to find out.

There are lots of blogs focused on beauty and body-image.  And lots of websites focused on various elements of romance, intimacy, sex, etc.  Although these are all interesting and relevant – the focus of this blog over time will be bounded and focused on one issue in particular:  the vacillation and transience of romantic feeling – and what we do about it.  Do we ditch out when it ebbs a bit?  Do we do something else?

Those are some of my questions.  If they’re your questions too – then I’m so glad to have met you!  (:

Jacob Z. Hess, September 13, 2013 – Friday the 13th! (LAUNCH DAY)

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