The holidays are finally over?

It’s SO easy to assume that the holidays are joyful for everyone. However, for those who have lost loved ones, lost peace of mind, or struggled to find either, this time of year can feel even MORE painful than normal.

I spoke with a woman recently married after 55 years single. She told me, “As a single person I found the holidays very painful. In fact, my sister told me I ruined every holiday for the family because I was so sad. I would often just read a book on Christmas to help the pass the time. On New Years Eve I would just go to bed and ignore the holiday completely. I know how hard it is to hang out on the holidays with your parents when you would rather have your own spouse and kids to celebrate with.

She continued, “I found it hard to be surrounded by people who had everything I so desperately wanted. No matter what I did nothing seemed to work for me. I felt like something was wrong with me and I got tired of never fitting in. People had plenty of advice for me and were always willing to share it.”

For many people, then – maybe they’re breathing a bit deeper now that it’s January 2. For the rest of us, being mindful of what a different experience the holidays can be for some is crucial. After all, Valentine’s Day is coming up…!!

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