The Opening of My Eyes

Eight years ago, I met a big-eyed, long-haired woman for lunch at the Gateway in SLC.  For the next two hours a Power Conversation ensued in which we changed the world over a simple hamburger.

Appreciations, updates, a few e-mails…then Nothing. I stopped calling.  Hey – I liked her…but did I like her enough? 

Later, I would describe this as “playing hard to get” – when in actuality, it was simply “me being stupid.”

Two years later, I was amazingly lucky to kneel before this big-eyed, bigger-hearted woman who had forgiven me enough to let me put a ring on her finger – promising her my heart and asking if she would come into my life.

Six years ago today, that dream of both of our lives came true – thanks to my eyes being opened to what true love is after all.

Did I ‘like her’ enough before?  I wasn’t even sure at that time that ‘liking someone’ meant (much) more than the physical, sexual attraction.

Obscured by these lenses, was I able to see clearly enough who she was, who I was – and who we were together?  Nope.  Not by a long-shot!

That impacted my willingness and ability to commit as well.  When I couldn’t see, I couldn’t move forward.

When my eyes were opened, everything in my life changed – as Monique came into my life.

Happy Anniversary, my big-eyed, tender-hearted sweetheart.

What an incredible companion you have been for me, Monique.  Patient.  Generous.  Compassionate.  These things beyond ‘what is reasonable…’

I am lucky to have you – and lucky to have had my eyes opened to see you for who you are…my girl!

May all eyes be opened – that we may see each other as the beautiful creatures we are…thus invoking automatic, natural love and affection!  1914315_176652906904_1466736_n




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