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Is it Time to Talk (More) about Sexual Micro-Aggression?

In the waning days of Donald Trump’s unprecedented, alarming (and imploding) campaign for the presidency, the stories of women keep coming. Beyond the outright groping, it’s been interesting to see the attention given to uninvited, impromptu, forced kisses: One woman reported that after they shook hands, he allegedly refused to let go, kissed her on the cheeks, […]

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The Opening of My Eyes

Eight years ago, I met a big-eyed, long-haired woman for lunch at the Gateway in SLC.  For the next two hours a Power Conversation ensued in which we changed the world over a simple hamburger. Appreciations, updates, a few e-mails…then Nothing. I stopped calling.  Hey – I liked her…but did I like her enough?  Later, […]

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