Let’s Talk

COACHING.  This dating and romance stuff can be confusing enough that it can sometimes me helpful to talk with someone to help sort it all out and begin to move in another direction.  My sister Julia Hess was trained as a counselor and is currently available to help individuals and couples interested in a coach to navigate the relationship terrain.  In addition to years of experience in the dating scene, Julia is remarkably warm and intuitive – sharing with me a passion about this “mindful approach” to dating.  Without any brotherly bias whatsoever, I highly recommend her.  (:   E-mail jueyrose@gmail.com with interest.  Jura

SPEAKING.  For my own part, the last couple of years, I’ve had opportunities to share a presentation on this material with single groups, wards and congregations.  I don’t accept any reimbursement – nor do I promote any products when I speak. It’s a message I am passionate about advocating – that dating and romance don’t have to hurt this bad – and that there are simpler, happier ways of doing it all!

If you’re interested in more information about a presentation, send me a note below or to my e-mail, jzhess@gmail.com